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GIFCTRL gives you the ability to control the frames within a .gif - thus adding to the new amazing manifestations of the humble looped moving image. 

WARNING: listening to music whilst on the site can only end in a vortex of lost time and procrastinated giggling.

Click here to control Tyler, the Creator.

Flying Lotus - Putty Boy Strut

Lovely animation right here.

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Apple er, …maps?

Following on from the new iOS6, behold the world according to Apple Maps. (via Mashable)

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Google has just integrated the ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ into their search engines. Type in “bacon number” followed by any celebrity name to find out how they connect to actor Kevin Bacon.

Anushka ft. Trim - “Butters Face” (Official Video)

Filmed at the recent Outlook Festival in Croatia, user-generated content (or audience participation in this case) like this is a sure fire way to ensure that content will go ‘viral’. 

As long as you remember to harvest a little information for planting seeds later!


WAIT… let’s play pong!

Old Spice Muscle Music

Amazing interactive music video from Old Spice.

Wait it out and bear witness the genius creativity of this video! Vimeo is often left out in times of using video hosting interestingly - with YouTube as the go-to choice. It’s nice to see Vimeo being more than just a pretty face so please make sure you watch til the end. Trust me, it’s worth it…